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Courage bracelet great land bracelets


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      A simple accessory that can help you feel stronger, enhance any look, and help you be the envy of your peers. Just remember, what you read below is only the start. How you wear your "Courage" bracelet is limited only to your imagination.



      Courage bracelet great land bracelets

           > great neutral color

           > soft and supple feel

           > polished to be water resistant


      No cheap 'pleather' material here. Only natural, long lasting, genuine leather. Your new "Courage" bracelet is dyed an exquisite shade of dark coffee brown - the perfect neutral color for any outfit and any occasion. You will love the soft and supple feel of this quality bracelet. And did I mention that genuine leather, deep natural leather smell? That smell that is only available with genuine leather. And as a bonus, this leather is polished to be water resistant - perfect for any weather.



      courage bracelet great land bracelets

           > central leather band accompanied by wrapped leather on both sides

           > the precision of the wrapped leather resembles small beads

           > the beautifully smooth center leather strap represents simple elegance


      "Courage" bracelet is designed with a distinctively classic, yet modern, design. Your new bracelet has a central leather band, accompanied by wrapped leather on either side. The precision of the wrapped leather resembles small leather beads running the circumference of bracelet. And don’t forget that beautifully smooth central leather band that represents pure simple elegance.



      courage bracelet comfortable great land bracelets

           > unique sliding knot that can adjust to your unique size

           > perfect width to be comfortable yet stylish on any wrist or ankle

           > so soft and supple you forget you are wearing it


      "Courage" bracelet is uniquely designed to provide you with that perfect personal comfort fit. Purposely designed with a unique sliding knot, you can adjust ‘courage’ to your desired size for your wrist or ankle. You will appreciate the soft and supple leather as it gently wraps around your wrist or gently hugs your ankle. "Courage" is the perfect width to be comfortable yet stylish on any wrist or ankle.

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       honorable bracelets great land bracelets

       strong bracelet great land bracelets

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      "Honorable" Bracelet  honorable bracelet great land bracelets

      Crafted in the same quality and style as "Courage", your "Honorable" companion bracelet can be worn together or by itself. Same genuine natural leather, same great craftsmanship, same great benefits - NO EXTRA CHARGE OR FEES!

      Bonus #2

      "Strong" Braceletstrong bracelet great land bracelets

      But wait. Two bracelets are great, but 3 are EXCELLENT! We will increase your bonus to also include "Strong". A total of 3 great characteristics to remind you of your excellent worth and great abilities. 


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